DISCLAIMER: All the people subject to the studies we write about in this blog post identified themselves in the binary man-woman, male-female. This blog does in no way dissent with the existence of people that do not identify themselves in said binary because we know that people are waaaay too fascinating to be just one or another. 


Women and men are just different.

Venus and Mars.

Women feel and men use logic.

Same old stories. Same old comparisons.


Let’s leave the planets where they are (a gazillion of light-years from your bedroom) and let’s answer the real question: 

Are men and women really different when it comes to orgasm? Who has it better?

How anyone but us experience orgasm is one of the great mysteries of (sex)life. And that might be precisely why there are researches about it going way back. 

Let’s talk science for a little, regardless of your gender, it’s been proven that unlike when it comes to arousal in which males and females act differently (the pet scans told us so), orgasm is quite similar for men and women. 

What does that mean?

Your brain stimulates blood flow to the genitals, your heart rate increases and you experience hyperventilation 

ALSO, brain activity during an orgasm is apparently the same, shutting down self-evaluation, reason and control areas, making us… to put it in scientific terms, lose our sh*t.  

HOWEVER, other researches also found that male and female orgasm are different time-wise, while a female orgasm lasts 20+ seconds, most male orgasms last 3 to 10 seconds. 

“Not fair,” I hear some men shouting already. 


Well, is longer any better when you get to do it less? 

Statistically speaking, male just have MORE orgasms. 

Let’s define that with a number, studies have shown that in heterosexual sex, male orgasm in 95% of encounters, the statistic for females drops to 69%

When it comes to different types of sex though, the stats do change. Gay and straight male seem to have the same rate of orgasm, however, interestingly enough lesbians were found to have 12% more orgasm than straight females. 


Well, it might have something to do with intercourse duration given that, on average, lesbian sex lasts 30 to 45 minutes against the 15 to 30 minutes average of straight sex. 

So science has spoken, biologically speaking, orgasms in males and females are very similar but there are differences in duration, and statistics have shown that there are differences in average frequency. 

So what’s left?

Well, at Reed College in Oregon they asked themselves “what about how an orgasm feels though?” 

They interviewed men and women and them to describe their experience and it turns out that there were no significant differences in the type of words used by the two genders (excluding words specific to the genitalia of course). 

So men might be from Mars and women might be from Venus but how an orgasm feels might have little to nothing to do with what genitalia you have or which planet you come from. 

O-wesome, right? ;)