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No doubt you've heard of blue balls but, is there any truth there, or is it a tall tale made up by guys who just really want to get laid?

Blue balls is the slang term for a real condition known as epididymal hypertension (EH). It refers to the mildly painful sensation on the testicles which some people may experience after sexual arousal that does not result in orgasm. It’s caused by the temporary buildup of blood in the testicles. And while it can cause a mild discomfort, it’s nothing your balls can’t handle! Certainly, it’s no reason to pressure your partner into relieving your “pain” through sex.



People pulling this card on others to make them feel guilty or even responsible for their “pain” is quite common. And funny enough, there’s no real evidence that all this unreleased semen actually turns the testicles blue from the pain. In fact, it’s not even that painful – just bothersome or slightly unpleasant. People can get rid of that discomfort by ejaculating through masturbation or sex with a consenting partner, taking a cold shower or  distracting themselves with non-sexual thoughts.

Others genuinely believe that “blue balls” can be harmful to their health. But, at its worst, they can only cause a mild discomfort. There is really no legitimate concern for worrying about it or making a big deal out of it. Especially, because you are not the only one in “pain”.

The myth that having “blue balls” is somehow super painful and dangerous is born out of the idea that penis owners need to release their semen. However, turns out that you don't need to have testicles to feel this way—vulva owners can get a version of blue balls, too.

It's known as blue vulva and most people describe it as feelings of heaviness around the clitoris and vulva. This physical discomfort is not that different to the one people with testicles experience as it’s also caused by the concentration of blood in this area.

Even though you may not hear of us whining about our ‘blue balls’, it doesn’t mean we don’t feel your pain. So suck it up!