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Did you know that the query ‘how to spice up your sex life’ went up +5,000% in google when lockdown hit the UK? Yep, priorities.

This is why we’re launching a new series of articles called ‘Spiced Room’, everything you need to know about how to spice up your bedroom. 

How To Sext Like A Pro

During the past couples of months, sexting has become the norm for many of us who are apart from our partners. We’ve compiled tips to answer some of the most FAQs we’ve received so far: how do we make the most of it? Is it actually fun? Will it keep our sex lives going?

Let’s not kid each other, maintaining a long distance sex life gets HARD, in a bad way. Here are our top 5 tips to master sexting and survive the rest of 2020.

 1. Timing is key

Let them know you’re ready to get dirty but also figure out if they can at that time. No one wants to be sexting in the middle of a family dinner or in a zoom call with their colleagues. It’s as easy as sending a ‘What are you up to? I’m wet thinking of you’, ‘I was just thinking of that time when you...and getting so turned on’ or even a simple ‘Hey, are you up for some fun?’.

2. Get creative (and explicit)

‘I wish you were here right now’ doesn’t cut it anymore. Get into details, what would you do if you were together, how would you touch them, where, how does that make you feel? Don’t be afraid to give as much detail as possible, in fact, DO IT.

3. Your friends, the nudes

Go all in, we all like a spicy text message but a nude is another level. Bear in mind that no one is expecting a top quality picture with expert lighting, full face makeup and model posing. A nude is an expression of how you’re feeling in that moment: horny and thinking of them. Be natural and include whatever you want: full-body or not. It’s something that your partner(s) can look back at whenever they are in the mood AND a great self-confidence boost for you.

 woman holding phone texting sexting partner selfie remote control vibrator sex toy covid19 coronavirus lockdown

4. Reassure them

To keep the conversation alive and positive, let them know they are doing well. A ‘Keep going, you’re driving me crazy’ goes a long way. Sexting can sometimes be intimidating since you can’t see how the other person is reacting to what you’re saying, so it’s very important to be vocal about enjoying the dynamic.   

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5. Turn it into a game

Take this time to explore what your partner dreams of and play with it. For example, if you’re sexting, ask them to describe where and what they would do to you if you could go anywhere in the world right now. Start a bucket list and add products that you could use together (someone said sex toys? yeah we did).

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Now, get on your phone and start sexting away!