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The definition of foreplay is ‘erotic stimulation preceding sex’. That is already wrong. Foreplay IS sex and we should be mindful of our choice of words, as they define how we feel towards practices. 

Let’s reflect on this for a moment... 


What if you climax from oral sex? Does that mean you didn’t make it to the main act? What even is the main act? It used to be sexual intercourse, defined for centuries as penetration and regarded as one of the main purposes of initiating sex. But in the same way our notion of sex has evolved, our vocabulary should too. For many of us, penetration is not even a part of sex and that doesn’t mean they are forever stuck in foreplay. In fact, this would completely invalidate non-heterosexual experiences.

There is no unique script for having sex and what feels good to us at a certain moment shouldn’t be put in a box and labeled in terms of importance. Kissing, touching, caressing can get us started and going a long way.


But, how can I refer to ‘foreplay’ techniques without saying foreplay you may ask? Easy, call things by their name: if you’re referring to anal, oral, hand play, just say it.

We get asked all the time whether our wearable Frida is more suitable for foreplay or sex, but it is suitable for whatever you want to do with it. If you’re taking it outside for some outdoor fun, then most probably you won’t use it to climax in public but to enjoy the thrill and excitement of a new experience. If you prefer to use it as a bullet in-house, it can make you climax within minutes with it’s strong vibrations. If you just want to lay back and play some audioporn while wearing it as a wearable, awesome, take your time and let the vibes take you where your body feels like.