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Caution: If you’re looking for a fruit guide you’re in the wrong place! Grapefruiting is the act of giving a fellatio with a citrus fruit on the penis to simulate a wet cavity (e.g. a vagina). Grapefruits are the popular choice given it’s sweetness compared to oranges, which stand number 2 thanks to its suitable size.

How it works

1. Warm up the grapefruit by cleaning it with warmluke water.

2. Cut off both ends of the fruit so that it’s flat on both sides and there’s room for your mouth to play with the tip.

3. Cut a hole through the flesh (a tunnel for the penis).

4. Ta-da! You’re good to go. Put the penis through the grapefruit and get the party started.

Things to bear in mind

First of all, it’s not a common practice and you should think twice about whether you want to mix fruits and oral - there are many other ways to spice up your sex life. It got trendy thanks to the film ‘Girl Trip’ (in the same way that warm apple pies started being a thing after American Pie). 

The similarity of these activities is that the food used provides lubrication and warmth so you can always get creative and make up your own food fantasy.

Beware of potential bacteria, make sure that whatever you use is clean and doesn’t go inside the body (it’ll burn as hell!). Also, watch your eyes if you’re on the giving end for any splashes of juice.

Use a condom to protect the penis from any potential irritation and if you plan to transition to any type of penetration after, change the condom and wash any juices from the penis before putting it in. You can keep a couple of wet wipes close to you to make the clean up process smooth and effortless.

Lastly, and obvious but important one, make sure neither of you has any citrus allergy. Snack one beforehand, better safe than sorry!