Picture this: You’re in the middle of having the best sex of your life, totally lost in the moment, when suddenly your vagina lets out a fart-like sound – leaving you embarrassed for life. Sounds familiar? It’s called queefing and we’re here to set the record straight.



Since this definitely wasn't covered in your sex-ed class, let’s start with a quick introduction. Queefing, also known as vaginal farting; is the result of a trapped pocket of air getting pushed out of your vagina. Your vagina is not a straight tube, it has wrinkle-like folds called rugae which makes it easier for the air to get trapped. Unlike farts, queefs don’t cause a bad smell yet the noise can be pretty loud – causing embarrassment and sometimes killing the mood.

Why does your vagina betray you at the most unfortunate times?

As you can imagine, it usually occurs during sexual intercourse, when the movement of the penis, fingers, or sex toys go in and out of the vagina, trapping the air along with it.

Although it’s almost impossible to prevent (unless you are willing to stick to missionary your whole life), some positions are more queef-inducing than others such as doggy style and cowgirl position/inverted missionary.

Other causes of queefing include inserting tampons or menstrual cups as well as some forms of physical exercise such as yoga which can also push air into the vagina.

What can we do?

For starters, embrace your body. Vulva-owners shouldn’t worry about queefing so much especially because they are completely normal, totally healthy and an indicator that your vagina is getting some action – which is always good news!

So, laugh it off, don’t make a big deal out of it, and just try to enjoy the moment.