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I’m sure you’ve heard of ejaculation but did you know that it’s not exclusive to penis-owners?

Even though squirting has been documented as far back as Aristotle it is still a highly controversial topic. This is largely due to a huge lack of research into vulva-centered pleasure. Not only that but due to its popularity in mainstream porn, squirting is often faked in order to keep up with demand. This results in unrealistic squirt scenes which fosters confusion and misconceptions.



So, what is squirting and why does it occur?

Squirting is the expulsion of fluid from the vagina that occurs during sexual arousal or around the point of orgasm, very similar to penile ejaculation. Although we are still not entirely sure where squirt comes from, it is thought that the Skene glands, located between the clitoris and the urethra, are involved in producing it. Once produced, the fluid has been found to collect in the urethra and is then expelled, if and when the vulva-owner is sufficiently aroused or comfortable.

For a long time researchers believed that squirt consisted only of urine. Although we do not entirely understand what squirt is, we now know that it is not urine and instead contains only traces of urea, a component of urine.

Despite this many still wrongly claim that squirting is just urine. It is surprising then that this claim is not made when discussing penile ejaculation even though penises also ejaculate from the urethra and contain traces of urea. So why is it that only vulva-owners receive this stigma?

Vulva-centered pleasure has been branded as a taboo topic for a long time. This has resulted in vulva-centered pleasure being undervalued in our society. Not only that but knowledge around topics such as squirting are not properly discussed or
researched to the same extent as pensis-centered pleasure.

This allows for misinformation to be spread through society as people are only able to learn about it through porn which often displays unrealistic, exaggerated, or faked displays of vulva-centered pleasure.

That is why it is so important to discuss traditionally ‘taboo’ topics so that others may understand more about how their own, as well as others, bodies work.

In regard to squirting, this means understanding that it is completely natural, is not just urine, and that it is a lot more common than people think!

- Kate Moran