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A techy spin on the famous kegel balls 鉁岋笍


Clara is an ideal internal wearable that you can use with or without clothes, manually or remotely through the Vibio app. Packed with rumbly vibrations that will give you a sensation of fullness and pleasure.


Clara connects to the Vibio app via Bluetooth, where users can control it long distance from anywhere.


Includes: Free splash-proof travel pouch, Clara, USB charging cable.

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Vibio App

Vulva bodies



Rumbly vibrations

Body-safe & vegan

Silky smooth touch

For vaginal use

Clara is NOT designed for anal play. Toys that don’t have a wide base are not suitable for anal sex, they can slip inside and cost you a pretty awkward visit to the doctor.聽

Pro tip: combine

The beauty of Clara is that you can still play with your clit or have anal sex while wearing it, the possibilities are endless!

100% hands-free

Pair Clara with the Vibio app, invite your partner to take control and聽lay back. 100% pleasure with 0% effort – welcome to sex 2.0.