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Dodson is a unisex mini wand featuring powerful technology that provides rumbly vibrations and a flexible head that adapts to your natural body curves.


Its versatile and sleek shape makes it a perfect toy for both beginners and advanced sex toy explorers.


Designed for external stimulation, Dodson can be used on any part of your body (human pleasure goes way beyond the genitals!), during solo pleasure or partnered sex.


Dodson connects to the Vibio app via Bluetooth, where users can control it long distance from anywhere.


Includes: Free splash-proof travel pouch, Dodson, USB charging cable.


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Vibio App

All bodies



Rumbly vibrations

Body-safe & vegan

Silky smooth touch

Beginner friendly

Dodson is the toy we wished we had as our first vibrator. It’s discreet, silent, sleek and powerful.聽

Better foreplay & coreplay

It is small and lightweight, perfect add-on to your foreplay and coreplay (pssst! for us foreplay IS coreplay, we just use these semantics to make sure the point is clear). It’s flexible head means that you can make sure it doesn’t get in the way.

Long distance control

Pair Dodson聽with the Vibio app, invite your partner to take control and聽lay back. 100% pleasure with 0% effort – welcome to sex 2.0.