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Rivera is a thumping toy, for those looking for an alternative to vibrations. The sensation is softer and feels more like a ‘tom-tom-tom’ than a ‘brrrrrrr’.


It also features a mechanism with rotating beads on the base of the toy that can be activated from the Vibio App. These beads provide light external stimulation that tickles the perineum in penis bodies when used anally, and the clitoris in vulva bodies when used vaginally.


We’ve found Rivera overall more suited for anal stimulation, as the distance between the vaginal opening and clitoris is varied.


Rivera connects to the Vibio app via Bluetooth, where users can control it long distance from anywhere.


Includes: Free splash-proof travel pouch, Rivera, USB charging cable.

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Vibio App

All bodies



Rumbly vibrations

Body-safe & vegan

Silky smooth touch

Universal <3

Rivera is suitable for all bodies that enjoy internal stimulation.聽

Pro tip for vulva bodies

When used vaginally, we recommend laying on your back with your legs wide open. The beads magically come closer to your clitoris and your vagina will hug Rivera and make you feel every single thump!聽

Pro tip for penis bodies

Use Rivera during sex or masturbation. One of the best things about Rivera is that your penis will be totally free to be played with, giving you room to enjoy some next level double stimulation.